Livingroom Shelves

A few Term and Conditions

Intend Cleaning guarantees you 100% complete satisfaction and happiness.

For my safety and your happiness:

-No high reaching areas/ high windows/light fixtures - no high ladders used. 

-No moving heavy furniture - if you would like me to clean behind something (fridge, cabinets) etc. please move it out before the clean.

-If you are not completely satisfied with your service please call within 24 hours of the clean and I will return within 2 days to re-clean the area needed.  

-It is up to the customer to provide a safe working environment for me and will advise me of any hazards prior to the clean.

-Excessive mould, rat droppings. I DO NOT HAVE THE NECESSARY SAFETY GEAR TO TACKLE THESE PROBLEMS. I can get you in contact with the right people.

- I will not be cleaning up any biohazards.

-Hoarders and Excessive Clutter, I can help after you have sorted this out. If you are really needing me to clean while this problem is still present. You will need to be there as I clean. so you can remove this stuff as I go. I can get you in touch with the right people to sort this problem out if needed.

-the windows, I am not a professional window cleaner as I don't have the necessary products and equipment. I can do "some" as I go, ground level only. I can get you in touch with professional window cleaners.

-Full payment must be made on completion of the service either by cash or account - if you could advise me prior to the clean how payment is to be made.

-There are no refunds. If an area or something has been missed I will return within 2 working days to complete the task.

-All cancellations and changes must be made the day before or sooner- no cancellation fee.