Welcome to Intend Cleaning. Call the Cleaning lady!

My name is Kim, I have had 17 years cleaning experience as a housekeeper with extensive knowledge of health and safety. This is a personalised service, I am not presenting this business like the 'others', I am here if you need my help, we do not have to do anything in a standard way, I genuinely care about you and I will only want the best for you. I am not here to judge anyone on how they live.

"The only reason I would give up on a job would be when a client has "no respect" for the cleaner". 

I can customise my services to suit individual needs. All cleaning products and equipment are supplied, using the best quality products every time.  Also environmentally friendly products can be used when required.

I am offering one convenient price for everything to make life easier. 

I give 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, If by any chance are not happy with anything don't hesitate to let me know and I will sort it out immediately.

I have set up this business because I am passionate about about my work and would love to help out those in need who cannot do it themselves because of various reasons, also I love accommodation cleaning. I am used to working in a professional, efficient and timely manner and I will endeavor to bring theses skills to my own business.  I am available 7 days a week. Thanks Kim